• RiverFrontMurals
    Riverfront Murals

    Vicksburg: A Unique American Community On April 12, 2002, the City of Vicksburg unveiled its first riverfront mural by renowned artist Robert Dafford. The electricity of this project spread across the South and up and down the Mississippi River. The panels of the Vicksburg floodwall are the canvas capturing the City of Vicksburg’s crucial past, present […]

  • ArtPark
    Catfish Row

    A creative adventure into the history of the Mississippi River and the fabulous paddlewheel steamboats that once traveled its mighty waters. Enjoy all the sights and musical sounds within the park and imagine the Mississippi River life that once flourished along these waterways. Explore playful areas, garden area walks, the splash fountain, children’s art, murals […]

  • Bazsinsky House
    Bazsinsky House

    Two conflicting stories; one a fifty-three page handwritten family history, the other a researched account of documented events, address the property from as early as 1840. Both conclude that the majestic structure, built by Joseph Bazsinsky as a town house, remained a home for his large Jewish family through four generations until early in the […]